It's-a Me, Marco!

I’m a dancer, comedian, and creator. I value experiences above all else whether it’s creating products, hosting events, performing, or traveling. You can also refer to me as the techie who pole dances, breakdances, makes funny videos, and travels a lot.

Artwork by my partner. The belly is a little over exaggerated but hey - that’s what months in quarantine can do to ya - right?

My Story

I spent the last 5 years experiencing SF to the fullest making communities in movement, art, and technology. I’m still in love with this city and am now starting a life here with my partner. She keeps me humble and challenges me like no other. Together we love to travel, learn, and discover unique experiences.

Story telling is something I want to get better at so I hope to share some of my experiences via my blog here.

If you’re interested in my work and professional experience, check them out here.

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