My Career

Red Door TV

Formed a global creative community and launched a YouTube channel after moving 5 creatives into a home in Las Vegas.

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Jan. 2021

Freelance Product Consultant

With my recent passion for fitness technology, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to consult for two of my favorite startups - BlackBox VR and Onyx.

Jul. 2019

Wedding Dress For Rent LLC.

Co-founded a wedding dress rental e-commerce site with my partner. [shut down]

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Jul. 2018

Apple Inc.

Currently working on the retail iOS Apple Store App and Business Chat. Previously - Apple's official WeChat account, internal UI/UX design projects, retail employee apps, and more...

Oct. 2014
UI/UX Engineer

Loopd Inc.

Merged my first company with Loopd Inc. - venture funded by billionaire Tim Draper. Focused on growth hacking and building product as the first employee.

Apr. 2014
Founding Engineer


Graduated from UMass Amherst with my B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering. Proud to have been President of the University's Break Dancing Club and founded my first wearable tech startup during my senior year.

May. 2014

My Projects

The Roomies Skits

Created comedy sketch videos reaching a combined total view of ~70,000 on Facebook.

Intern Project

Served as President for this non-profit organization with a reach of over 6,000 silicon valley interns annually.

Hero Hacks

Founded a one-time 100 person hackathon of silicon valley's best hackers using wearable technology to build for the future.


A winning Y Combinator project - thalmic myo band hack to control IoT devices in your home using natural hand/arm gestures.


A top 10 PennApps hackathon smart watch (Pebble) hack to turn your smart watch into a 2-factor auth device.


A top 10 CalTech Hackathon smart watch (Pebble) hack to control IoT devices via smart watch inputs.


A top 6 Yale Hackathon smart watch (Pebble) hack that uses handshakes as a way to swap contact information at networking events

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